From Christendom to Freedom (Table of Contents)

From Christendom 3 (4)More about: From Christendom to Freedom: Journey-Making with a Black Trans Elder (2020) by Jonathon Thunderword

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Rev Monica Joy Cross



1 Beginning with Christianity: Beginnings; Commitment; Openly Gay; Small Groups; Radically Inclusive

2 Converting to Judaism: Falling in Love; Conversion; Commitment; Studying the Law; Tradition(s)

3 Exploring Islam: Black Pride; Prophets; Unity; Separation

4 More on Gender: Deliverance; Affirmation; Toxic Masculinity; Sexism and Misogyny; Balance as a Spiritual Practice

5 Still Black: Rasta(farina)s; Hebrew Israelites; Strength for the Journey; Back to My Roots; Both/And

6 Listening to Non-believers: More Bibles; Freedom from Religion; Non-believing Faithful; Black Non-believers

7 My Religion is Love: Finding Amma; One God; Purpose; Three Paths; Seeing Is Believing

8 Cultivating Quiet: Christian Diversities, Race, and Culture; Jewish Commentary; Silent Retreat; Buddhism and the Monkey Mind; Speech is Silver. Silence is Golden.

9 A World of Wonders: Riding with CC; Pagan Friends; Called to Ministry; Jewish Jesus and Beyond; Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples

10 Finding Freedom: Non-dualism; Big Changes; Rethinking God; Circles and Cycles; Rethinking Ethics; Finding Freedom

Afterword: Finding Another Right Road Authentically and Holistically

Works Cited (or Recommended) by Chapter

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