Mx Chris Paige

Mx Chris Paige (they/them pronouns) is the powerhouse behind OtherWise Engaged Publishing. They have been involved in (and instigated) numerous ground-breaking projects through the years, but, beginning in 2019, Mx Chris turned their attention to writing, editing, and publishing as they launched this new endeavor.

Their 25 years of organizing and activism prepared them for this moment:

In addition to decades of lived experience, Chris facilitates relationships with an eye toward evoking deep individual and collective wisdom, which often lies hidden beneath the wounds we bear from living in an imperfect world. Mx Chris brings skillfulness as a certified community coach, trained through Leadership That Works.

Personal Website:

Mx Chris parents a brilliant teenager and athletic dog in central New Jersey, placing them typically in the Eastern time zone. They have finally enrolled in graduate studies at Drew University (Madison, NJ) starting in Fall 2020, demonstrating their perpetual commitment to doing things out of order, backward, and upside down,

Mx Chris looks forward to opportunities to speak, preach, teach, coach, chaplain, and consult in the midst of serving their community!