OtherWise (re)Presents

Our primary imprint, OtherWise Engaged Publishing, emphasizes reflections with a religion, faith, and spirituality edge. This includes a wide variety of perspectives, including freethinkers, agnostics, and non-theists. Jonathon Thunderword’s From Christendom to Freedom: Journey-Making with a Black Transgender Elder is a great example of that range.

However, there are many stories worth telling, which are not about religion, faith, and spirituality!

Our OtherWise (re)Presents imprint provides an alternative space to gather reflections from the best and the brightest of OtherWise-gendered people, including transgender, intersex, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folk.

Representation matters. This commitment is at the core of OtherWise (re)Presents. From stories about navigating the world as disabled or non-binary to stories about family and finding ourselves.

We need to hear one another. We need to learn from one another.

  • If you want to self-publish and need some support navigating all the information out there, you may want to hire Mx Chris Paige as a coach or consultant, an editor or an advisor.
  • If you want more comprehensive publishing services, we can talk about whether your project may fit into the OtherWise (re)Presents brand! Don’t be formal with fancy proposals. Let’s talk.
  • And, of course, OtherWise Engaged Publishing remains our premier imprint, galvanizing the wisdom and insight of OtherWise-gendered communities.

Be in touch with your ideas!

Mx Chris Paige