OtherWise Reflection Guides

The OtherWise Reflection Guide series is designed to provide gentle introductions to topics that may otherwise seem overwhelming. In each volume, you can expect an affordable and accessible devotional style with reflection questions to resource group discussion or personal reflection. Each release also includes additional resources that provide further encounters for the reader.

Christian Faith and Gender Identity was the first in the series, giving  an introductory treatment to transgender experience through the lens of Christian scripture. Quick definitions and Psalms for the Journey make this a rich and multi-faceted offering.

In Remembrance of Me, Bearing Witness to Transgender Tragedy, the second release in the series, provides a helpful introduction to dealing with transgender tragedy, from Transgender Day of Remembrance to your own mental health.

More anticipated OtherWise Reflection titles by Mx Chris Paige include:

  • Christian Culture, Junk Theology, and Transgender Lives
  • Gender-Full Bodies, Christian Tradition, and the Love of Jesus
  • Celebrating Christmas with Angels, Magi, and Mary’s Yes!

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