Speaker, Teacher, Preacher

Mx Chris is glad to shape custom presentations for your community, drawing on themes from OtherWise Christian, their non-binary OtherWise life, and from more than 20 years of life among multi-faith, transgender community! Examples include:

Transgender Liberation: Intersectional Identities, Alternate Genders, and the Biblical Testimony of Eunuchs

2 hour classroom format exploring key passages about eunuchs in the Christian Bible, using small group discussion, as well as large group conversation and Q&A with the presenter.


What is This? – A sermon exploring trans experience with an emphasis on non-binary identity (lectionary-based: Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15, Romans 12:1-6a)

Love One Another – A sermon at MCC San Francisco honoring the expertise they already have, while encouraging them to be specific about their support for transgender people  (lectionary-based: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17, sermon begins at approximately 42 minute mark)

Book Event/Readings

OtherWise Christian lends itself a variety of options for focus. Watch Mx Chris with Dr Virginia Mollenkott or listen to Mx Chris on the Bible Bash podcast, for two very different examples.

Written Work (samples)

Reading the Bible as a Trans-Affirming Ally (Radical Discipleship blog)

Ten Things Allies Need to Know about Transgender Day of Remembrance (Transfaith and Believe Out Loud)

Four Reasons NOT to Host a Transgender Day of Remembrance Service at Your Church (Transfaith and Believe Our Loud)

Christian Faith and Gender Identity (Our Bible App)

Vigilance, Lamentations, Resilience (Our Bible App)

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