OtherWise Engaged?

I have identified as OtherWise since that term was given to me on a sacred mountain in 1998. Finding words to explain an OtherWise orientation has taken much longer—a process that is still very much in progress.

One thing is for sure. OtherWise is not something I can do on my own. OtherWise Engaged is part of my acknowledgement that this is work that I need to do in community and connection with others.

Part of OtherWise Engaged is my personal work that I am doing with friends and teachers I meet on my own journey.

But part of OtherWise Engaged is also engaging with you on your journey, personally or collectively, to share the OtherWisdom we can manifest together.

OtherWise Engaged 4U is a coaching and consulting business connected to this life’s work. There is no big strategic plan for developing this business, but certainly an acknowledgement that financial security allows for increased focus and attention.

I would be excited to hear from you if you have an idea for a project that I might be involved in!

I am also open to providing coaching support for individuals and/or groups. My training as a certified community coach is through the Leadership That Works “Coaching for Community Transformation” program. I also have a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the LaSalle Non-Profit Center.

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